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The EFC Academy in the eyes of the students from Frankfurt

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We are pleased to invite everyone to read two texts summarizing this year’s meeting during the European Financial Congress, written by the students of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

The texts by Falco Hartenfelser and Selcuk Kes have been published on the Frankfurt School blog.


The first blog post focuses on the opening of the EFC Academy and gives an overview of the whole Congress:



The second text continues the report from the perspective of an EFC Academy Member:



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EFC Academy 2016 is Partner of the Polish Economic Forum

Added: 10.02.2016
Polish Economic Forum (PEF) is a central initiative of the LSE SU Polish Business Society. It is organised annually at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
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EFC Academy agenda

Added: 19.06.2015
The agenda of the meeting of EFC Academy members
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The opening of the EFC Academy in 2015

Added: 29.05.2015
The 2015 EFC Academy meeting will begin with a panel debate titled "What would we change in Europe? ". The debate will take place on 21st June, at 18.00, in the Marco Polo E conference room in the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot.
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